Bronnley Fragrances

Bronnley – Creators of enchanting luxury toiletries, are a highly regarded leader in the fragrance industry.

This luxury brand carries the royal warrant by appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.  Every item of packaging must represent the very highest standards that Bronnley set for themselves and their suppliers.


Bronnley’s existing packaging needed to be re-designed and re-engineered to meet new price points without lowering standards.

The team at HH Deluxe Packaging investigated alternative methods of engineering the packaging.  Our concepts were presented and subsequently developed into proofs and mock-ups that were approved to move to the sampling stage.  The HH Deluxe Packaging team here in the UK managed the process all the way through to approval of the production prototypes.

The result was stunning packaging that met the new price points while crucially mainainting the level of innovation and appearance expected by the client.

Once the new designs were approved for manufacture, we introduced the client to our Hong Kong production team who managed production through to completion.

Intensive hand Finishing

Beautifully printed to represent the vivid graphic designs, Bronnley packaging also requires some precise and intricate die-cutting to perfectly fit their products.  Manufactured in one of our our Chinese production plants, theses items required intensive efforts from our expert hand-finishers.

On completion, and following our rigid quality controls, the finished products were shipped to the client’s numerous fulfilment houses.

The Personal Touch

Bronnley continue to report on their delight at the attention to detail from HH Deluxe Packaging and how well the products are received.

The personal service offered by HH Deluxe Packaging, and our willingness to please, proves a great assett when dealing with Bronnley Fragrances.


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