Slingsby Artisan Gin

Slingsby are a Harrogate based business that “does things differently, thinks differently and has a different vision to others.”

HH Deluxe Packaging designed and manufactured Slingsby’s luxury packaging to successfully launch their premium brand.

The Project

Presented with a bottle of Slingsby’s premium brand gin, HH Deluxe Packaging were asked to design  a luxury presentation box to represent the artisan nature of the product and reflect the complexity of it’s composite elements.

After an initial briefing, our concepts were presented and subsequently developed into proofs and mock-ups that were approved to move to the sampling stage.  The HH Deluxe Packaging team here in the UK managed the process all the way through to approval of the production prototypes.

Once the new luxury packaging was approved for manufacture, we introduced the client to our Hong Kong production team who manage the products through to completion.

The Final Product

The Slingsby Gin bottle’s packaging displays extremely intricate foiling on a printed textured stock, with superb retention of detail in the client’s logo.  This combined with a sharp screen print to perfectly represent the quality of the product.  All units were made up by our hand-finishing plant, based in Hong Kong, to strict quality control procedures before being shipped to the client’s fulfilment house.


Slingsby reported a great success with their launch, and the newly designed luxury packaging successfully represented their needs for this exclusive brand.


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