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Our UK based team help guide you through the selection process to ensure you get the box you desire.

Choosing the right materials, construction and embellishments to match both aesthetic and cost needs.

Once we have finalised together your design we will develop clear timelines and ensure these are maintained through to final delivery.

Rope Handle Box


With our trusted partner, Hung Hing, we have a depth of expertise, experience and capability to respond to any printing request. Since 1950 Hung Hing have been at the forefront of technologies in printing and their 4 factories can support both growing niche brands as well as some of the world’s largest global companies.

They hold certifications – ISO 9001, 14001 (environmental) as well
as BRC and FSC. They are a member of SEDEX.

We also can provide the latest technologies to address quick turn around projects or smaller quantities.

All of this managed here by our UK team to ensure you always deliver that next product launch.


We and Hung Hing hold our environmental responsibilities at the heart of our business. Power and light for the factories is solar generated and all waste water is fully treated prior to discharge and there is strict adherence to environmental legislations.
Their core product of carton-board is eminently recyclable and whenever possible they utilise recycled material in their products. Internally they recycle more than 50,000 tonnes of carton board waste per year.
All our inks are vegetable based with no solvents used in our printing processes

We can help you select a complete carton board solution from inserts to beautifully decorated outers ensuring your packaging can be fully recycled with ease. We continue to research the latest techniques to reduce waste and replace more harmful materials with carton board solutions.

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